Louisville Metro
Revenue Commission

Employers Quarterly Return of Occupational License Fees Withheld (Form W-1)

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to file your Employers Quarterly Return of Occupational License Fees Withheld (Form W-1) online.

You can electronically file a return now and pay at a later date.

Unless you are required to make quarterly or monthly deposits, payments can be made up to the due date of the return without incurring a penalty or interest.

If payment is not made until after the due date of the return, there will be additional penalty and interest charges billed to you.

The agency assesses a $50.00 return check fee which will be billed to the taxpayer if incurred.

You will receive acknowledgement of the filing of the return via e-mail. This acknowledgement indicates that the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission has received the e-file return. It does not indicate that the return has been completely processed. All returns filed with this agency are reviewed for accuracy and are subject to audit. If any additional tax amounts, penalty, or interest is assessed, you will receive notification of these additional amounts.

You have 3 options for submitting your payment of any taxes and/or penalty and interest due.  Your payment must be postmarked and paid in full by the due date to avoid failure-to-pay penalty and interest.

  1. Credit Card / e-Check
    • You can pay your taxes by credit card or e-check through the "Official Payments Corporation".  After you have completed your form, a link will be provided to "Official Payments Corporation" for credit card and e-check payments.  Please be advised that there is a convenience fee charged by "Official Payments Corporation" on all credit card and e-check payments.
  2. Check or Money Order
    • To remit your payment by check or money order, please print your confirmation page when you complete the filing.  Attach a copy to your check or money order and send to:

      Louisville Metro Revenue Commission
      P.O. Box 35410
      Louisville, KY 40232-5410
  3. ACH Credit
    • You can remit your payment via ACH Credit through your bank. To process your payment as an ACH Credit, you must first complete an application to receive the necessary information from the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission on ACH Credit. To apply, click here.

I understand and accept the above terms and conditions.