Louisville Metro
Revenue Commission

Thank you for choosing on-line registration with the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission. It is important to ensure that all data entered is accurate before submitting your registration application. All data entered will be reviewed by the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission for compliance and accuracy before a new account is established. If all requirements are met for the business type being registered, an account will be established and a 'Certificate of Registration' will be forwarded to the primary mailing address entered. The 'Certificate of Registration' will contain the account number assigned to your business. If you do not receive a 'Certificate of Registration' within two (2) weeks, you may call Taxpayer Services at (502) 574-4860. Provide the Taxpayer Service Representative with the confirmation number provided at the end of your registration process.

Note: If you leave a screen idle for 1 hour, your session will expire. All data entered will be lost and you will have to START OVER.